Kill-A-Watt Lesson

Students will become more familiar and cognizant of the amount power they are using. With use of a Kill-A-Watt device, they will calculate kWH and costs overt various periods of time. After determining energy costs of each appliance, they will find ways to save money on monthly bill by unplugging appliances or even considering investing […]

Solar Cars and Angles

Students will become more familiar with solar panels and how they are a clean, renewable alternative to nonrenewable resources. They will also be introduced to the idea that there is a coorelation between latitude and the geometric angle of the solar panel. The panel must be adjusted accordingly for maximum efficiency. Solar Cars and Angles

Incandescent Bulb vs. CFL

Students will use a kill-a-watt device, 60 watt incandescent and CFL bulb in the class setting. After comparing brightness, heat, costs of bulb, they will use the information provided by the teacher to compute the costs of each bulb over 8,000 hours(approx 1 year), then costs of multiple bulbs throughout the house, etc. Incandescent bulb vs. […]

Understanding Renewable Resources

Determine the impact of man’s use of renewable and nonrenewable resources on future supplies. Evaluate how human activities affect the condition of the earth’s land, water, and atmosphere. Analyze and evaluate the impact of man’s use of earth’s land, water, and atmospheric resources. Identify a variety of ways in which they use energy at home, distinguish between renewable […]