Introduction to Arduinos

The students will see an animated video that gives an overview a of how the U.S. electrical grid is organized and how power gets to customers. Next , they will make a human electrical circuit. Finally, students will be put into several small groups receiving printed instructions on how to create a traffic light using […]

Real vs. Reactive Power

“We know that reactive loads such as inductors and capacitors dissipate zero power, yet the fact that they drop voltage and draw current gives the deceptive impression that they actually do dissipate power. This “phantom power” is called reactive power…The actual amount of power being used, or dissipated, in a circuit is called true power, […]

Elementary School Students

Instruction manuals including the construction of squishy circuits, used to teach the basic concepts of circuits and electricity. Lists of items that are needed to complete the experiment are also included in the links below. Squishy Circuits Kits Sylvia’s Super-Awesome Maker Show! | Sylvia’s DIY webshow on everything cool and worth Making It’s Electric | […]


Information about circuits ranging from tables, graphs, and lessons are included in the links. Direct and Alternating current are discussed, along with resistors and breadboards. All About Circuits Electrical Circuits Homemade Circuit Designs Just for You: How to Make a Simplest Inverter Circuit Table of Electrical Resistivity and Conductivity