YSP Seminars

Here you can find the Powerpoint presentations from the YSP seminars:

The Smart Grid:Qinran Hu, PhD Canidate

  • Explainining the importance of the grid and how it can benefit consumers. Smart Grids are capable of sensing system overloads, they prevent or minimize a potential outage, and work autonomously when conditions require resolution faster than humans can respond.
    Power System Overview: Mr. Erin Wills CURENT Education Coordinator
  • Discussing the history of Power Systems and the Transmission and Distibution of Power. Reviwing PMU’s, FNET, Smart Grid, etc.
    Power Electronics Overview:Prof. Daniel Costinett, CURENT Co-Director of Education and Diversity
  • Discussing Power Electronics and the difference in AC and DC currents. Also learned about numerous Electronic Circuit applications that we use everyday.
  • Fundamentals of the Electric Grid: Dr. Kevin Tomsovic, CURENT Director
  • You will learn about numerous components pertaining to the grid. What is three phase power? What is reactive power? What is electric power?
  • Energy Conservation_A Social-Psych Approach: Dr. Xiaojing Xu and Dr. Chen, CURENT Director of Education and Diversity
  • Learning the importance and certain methods of social psychology.
  • AC_DC Instructions: Terence Randall, PhD Canidate
  • Within this experiment, we will learn  how to do a simple AC to DC conversion. We will learn how to operate specific equipment in order to do.
  • Bull Run: Coal Fired Power Generation: By Mr. Foy, CURENT Research Experience for Teachers participant
  • We will learn the basic ideals of a Coal Fired Power Generation. Knowing more about conceptual equations, air cycle, steam cycle, etc.
  • TCIPG: Trustworthy Cyber Infrastructure for the Power Grid: Grid information, time-sensitive pricing, power economics, energy storage, etc.
  • Mobile Networking and Sensing Systems: Dr. Wei Gao, Assistant Professor EECS
  • Learning more about wireless communication, mobile networks, Biomedical sensing and its importance in everyday life and human interaction
  • Power Systems I: By Mr. Erin Wills, CURENT Education Coordinator
  • Power Systems II: By Dr. Jing Wang, Visiting Faculty


YSP Resources

YSP Expectations 2015  Dr. Chen, Director of Education and Diversity Program & Research Professor   

CURENT PPT Template (16×9)

Research Poster Template (Green)

How to Make a Good Poster:  by Qinran Hu