Human Impact on the Environment and Renewable Energy Debate

Students work to create research guides from reputable sources about a specific energy source given to them.  After being placed within groups, students create arguments for and against the energy source based upon their research and prior knowledge of renewable versus non-renewable energy resources.  Groups then report to the classroom about their findings. Human Impact […]

Investigating Circuits with Multimeters

The lesson will lead the students to more thorough understanding of how electric energy moves through different objects. The class will use a hand-on, inquiry lab to establish a quantitative way to measure the flow of electricity through a simple circuit with multiple resisters in place. The students will use a multimeter to measure the […]

Series and Parallel Circuits

Students will construct and analyze both series circuits and parallel circuits in this lesson’s hands-on, group activity. The lesson begins with some direct instruction that is meant to lead the students to an understanding of the similarities and differences between the two types of simple circuits, and challenge them to relate this to their home’s […]


Students will be given the opportunity to investigate the invisible properties of magnets and electricity using a simple kit provided by the instructor. Students will be expected to answer some guiding questions using the appropriate vocabulary learned in previous grades. This lesson is intended to check for understanding of the vocabulary and evoke an interest […]