Investigating Natural Disasters Using ArcGIS

Geospatial Inquiry Mapping Project Students will use ArcGIS to investigate the impact of an area’s natural disaster potential to disrupt power supplies (and other utilities) in the United States. The task is for students to manipulate ArcGIS layers (creatively thinking about what factors qualify as “hazardous”) to identify and prepare for potential natural disasters at […]

Electric Magnets and Electric Fields

The purpose of this unit of study is to allow students the opportunity to learn more about electromagnets, electricity and magnetic fields.  Students will be introduced to multiple vocabulary terminology while they work through creating electromagnets, generators, electric currents making it possible for them to explain the relationship between earth’s magnetic force and that of […]

Future of the Power Grid

Students will consider the future of the power grid in light of the data they have been studying about consumption and production if nothing is done to improve the grid, upgrade the grid, and/or change human behaviors.  Students will present suggestions for quick solutions that we could do today and participate in a classroom discussion […]

History of the Power Grid

In this lesson students will explore the evolution of the power grid.  Students will be assigned a specific scientist/inventor, time period, or event that contributed to the evolution of the power grid to research and then present to the class.  They will create a one-page document  (AVID Strategy) that will become part of a time-line […]