2014 RET Participants

Collected below are the materials developed during the Summer 2014 RET program. During the six week long program, teachers developed curriculum for the courses, presented a poster of their project ideas, and presented an end-of-term presentation of their accomplishments. There materials can be found below.


Mr. Joe Foy teaches mathematics, computer programming, and physics at the L&N STEM High School in Knoxville, TN. He weaves power generation and distribution application problems throughout his courses. Mr. Foy is a second career high school teacher, having worked previously as an engineer for 24 years. He holds two degrees in electrical engineering (BSEE, U.S. Naval Academy, MSEE University of Tennessee).

RET Poster     RET Poster     RET Poster     RET Presentation     RET Presentation     RET Presentation     WindLabLessons     PowerLabLesson     PowerDensityLab2     PowerDensityLab1


My name is Brian Hardison and I just completed my 14th year as an educator in Sevier County. My educational career includes a B.A. from Carson Newman College, a M.A. from Tusculum College, and an Ed.S. degree from Lincoln Memorial University.I am married to my beautiful wife Alison Hardison who is also an educator in Sevier County. We have 2 little girls, Maggie is 11 and M’lynn is 9. We love to travel all over the world. We have been to Canada, Jamaica, Mexico, Las Vegas, Honduras, Belize, and Ireland(November of 2012).

RET Poster     RET Presentation     lesson plan 1- Hardison     lesson plan 2- Hardison     lesson plan 3- Hardison     lesson plan 4- Hardison     lesson plan 5 and 6- Hardison     lesson plan 7- Hardison


Miss Jill Lawrence is currently serving as a 7th and 8th grade science teacher at Gresham Middle School in the Knox County Public School System.  Miss Lawrence has been with Gresham Middle School for seven years.  Prior to her career with Knox County, Miss Lawrence taught high school Biology and Integrated Science at Western MST High School in Louisville, KY where she also served as the science department co-chair.  She earned her bachelor’s degree in Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation Biology through the College Scholars Program at The University of Tennessee in 1997 and her masters in Secondary Science Education from The University of Tennessee in 2005.  Miss Lawrence has served as a mentor teacher for the TeachHere program, new teachers, and pre-service teachers.

RET Poster     RET Presentation     Lesson 1-Build your house     Lesson 2 – wiring the house for LED     Lesson 3-wind turbine challenge     Lesson 5-birth of a power grid      Lesson 6-analyzing historical data     Lesson 7- the future of the grid


Miss Jessica Minton has been teaching science for 6 years.  She started her career teaching high school Biology and Environmental Science, then moved into Physical Science as well.  After moving to Memphis, she taught 6th grade science for 1 year and is now currently getting ready to start teaching 8th grade science and Honor’s Physical Science for the Germantown Municipal Schools.  Mrs. Minton holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Maryville College in Biology for Teacher Licensure, a Master’s Degree from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville in Science Education, and an Educational Specialist Degree from Lincoln Memorial University in Curriculum and Instruction.  She loves teaching science and working with students.  Mrs. Minton is so grateful for the opportunity to participate in CURENT’s RET program to gain new skills and knowledge to take back to the classroom with her.

RET Poster     RET Poster     RET Presentation     RET Presentation     Minton_8thgrade_unit_plan


Mr. Sirek is a second-career high school science teacher at L&N STEM Academy in Knoxville TN. He teaches multiple subjects that include: Geology, Honors Biology, STEM (I, II, and III) and Physical World Concepts (into to physics).  This is his first year with the CURENT RET Summer program. His educational background is in environmental geology (B.S.) and hydrogeology (M.S.) from the University of Kentucky (Go Big Blue!).  In his first career, as a registered professional geologist (P.G.) he was a task/project manager in the environmental consulting field for 16 years. In February 2012, Mr. Sirek was chosen as one of only fifteen Governor’s Fellows for the Teach Tennessee program.  The program provides an alternate avenue for industry professionals to transition into teaching science and/or math in TN middle and high schools.

RET Poster     RET Presentation     Project Based Geospatial Lesson_2014     Mapping the Power Grid_2014


Nick Wilsey teaches math, physics, astronomy, and design thinking at the L&N STEM Academy. He also coaches cross country, coaches a team for CyberPatriot (the Air Force Association’s national high school cyber defense competition), and helps coordinate a team in the Student Spaceflight Experiments Program. He will be working with CURENT to write authentic problem-based learning scenarios for his students.

RET Poster     RET Presentation     Scavenger_hunt_student