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Sagging Power Lines

Students will apply their knowledge of arc length, sector area, segment of a circle area formula, unit conversions, and the Pythagorean Theorem to assess whether the giraffes as the Knoxville Zoo are safe from the sagging power lines overhead.  They will watch a YouTube video about the cause for sagging power lines and will then complete the worksheet attached.  This will guide them to answer the question: Are the Giraffes Safe?

Lesson Plan Sagging Power Line

Exploring Engineering

In this lesson, students will explore various career fields (specifically various types of engineering).  They will answer questions to help them find their passion and use that to consider what career field they may want to pursue.  Students will draw a connection between what the content in Geometry and the job descriptions of several different types of engineers.  They will also draw a connection between engineering careers and the power grid.

Lesson Plan Exploring Engineering


Reviewing Regression Models

Students will create regression models to demonstrate the trends in coal production in Kentucky, Eastern Kentucky, and Tennessee based on provided data.  They will use this model to predict when coal production will cease in these areas.  The class will discuss as a whole why this model may not accurately represent the data for an extended period of time. We will also discuss if coal plants are essential for stability on the grid and if coal plants will ever cease to exist entirely.  A reading will be provided to help students make their own conclusions about the future of coal.

Lesson Plan Coal Regression

Wind Turbine Shape Project

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In this activity, students will explore how various changes to the design of a wind turbine will change the efficiency.  Students will learn the basics of how electricity is generated by wind and how shape and texture can vary the amount of power produced.  The reading materials and guide will serve as an introduction to the lesson and the worksheet will guide the students to make generalizations about the process.

RET Lesson Plan Grade 9-12 (2)


Solar Panel Angles Project

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Students will use their knowledge of how to measure angles to determine which angle of a solar panel will absorb the most light.  They will conduct an experiment that will simulate solar panels absorbing sunlight at various angles between 0˚ and 90˚ to determine provides the greatest voltage.  The class will use their discoveries to discuss how this experiment would change in a real-world situation.  After the experiment and discussion, students will research how electrical engineers determine the angle at which they should place solar panels.  They will analyze what contributes to different angle measures for different parts of the Earth.  Students will then write a discussion board post detailing what they have learned about solar panels, their placement, and applications within real-world situations.

RET Lesson Plan Grade 9-12 (1)