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Unit Rate through Solar Cars

Students will explore electrical engineering and finding unit rate by building solar panel toy cars and racing them over two courses, calculating unit rate to compare speeds.  Students will also explore why the angle of the solar panel makes cars go faster. (more…)

Solving Equations Using Ohm’s Law

Students should have already been introduced to solving equations; this lesson is meant to further their understanding and contextualize giving real-life examples of when they would need to solve equations.  This is a 1 day lesson.

  1. Student will be able to substitute values for the variables in Ohm’s Law, V-IR
  2. Student will be able to solve for a missing variable in Ohm’s Law, V=IR
  3. Student will have very basic understanding of what an electrical engineer does

Ohm’s Law


Exploring Engineering

In this lesson, students will explore various career fields (specifically various types of engineering).  They will answer questions to help them find their passion and use that to consider what career field they may want to pursue.  Students will draw a connection between what the content in Geometry and the job descriptions of several different types of engineers.  They will also draw a connection between engineering careers and the power grid.

Lesson Plan Exploring Engineering


Systems of Equations: Energy and Engineering Trends

Students will examine energy trends to explore why energy efficiency is an important current area of focus. They will also look at current trends in engineering domestically (demographics). They will use the systems to model different scenarios to alter trends.

Students will open with a discussion of the lightbulb activity…why is it important to conserve energy? Will discuss on an individual level, then go to a global context. Students will watch a clip from “Do the Math” (350.org) where they will see the trend of CO2 levels.

Systems of Equations: Energy and Engineering Trends