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Power Lab

Lab 1: changing load demand in response to user selection, printing results, implementing “toString”

Lab 2: build ArrayList of PowerStations, initialize their output.  Instructor will provide list of stations

Lab 3: Change power line loss values, using provided class methods, to reflect change in demand. Also change one or more station outputs


Understanding the Grid through SCRATCH

This lesson will introduce the student to engineering and computer programming. Students will program a game to illustrate the power grid, and create a simulation of some sort of alternative fuel. They will introduce their game/simulation in a conference  style presentation.

RET Lesson Plan Grade 8

Click to download.


User Manuals and Instruction Guides on how to use LabVIEW and all of its features.



Since many of you will be using Matlab in your research, here are a few links that will explain the basics of Matlab and lead you through examples.