Investigating Natural Disasters Using ArcGIS

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Geospatial Inquiry Mapping Project

Students will use ArcGIS to investigate the impact of an area’s natural disaster potential to disrupt power supplies (and other utilities) in the United States. The task is for students to manipulate ArcGIS layers (creatively thinking about what factors qualify as “hazardous”) to identify and prepare for potential natural disasters at various levels of society (personal, family, neighborhood, city, county, state or regional). Students will create an ArcGIS map, which shows the layers they chose that has the greatest potential to impact a sizable population and to discuss ways that a sector of society should prepare for such a natural disaster.  Students will present their map and their geospatial analysis, decision-making process and individual/community action plan to the class in a Power Point and Public Service Announcement (PSA) format.

Project Based Geospatial Lesson_2014