Young Scholars Program (YSP)

Interested in the chance to learn about graduate school and research?

Or are you interested in learning about electrical engineering and engineering in general?

Or maybe you would like to increase your resume for college applications.

For any of these cases, you should apply to the CURENT Young Scholars Program (YSP).  This high school research program is held every summer between the beginning of June and the end of July.  The program is an all day research experience that occurs over 3-5 weeks in the newly constructed Min Kao Building at the University of Tennessee.

Find 2018 Summer Program Details here. 

Benefits of the program include:

  • UTK Admissions Seminars
  • Guided Research Projects
  • Mentoring by Graduate Students & Faculty
  • Power and Energy Systems Classes
  • Communication & Presentation Seminars
  • Fields Trips
  • Social Events

Application requirements of the program include:

  • US Citizenship or Permanent Residency (documentation requested at time of acceptance)
  • Two letters of Recommendation from high school teacher
  • One page Statement of Interest
  • Unofficial or Official School Transcript
  • Completion of Online Application

Upon acceptance into the program, additional documentation will be mailed to the applicant.  Most of the forms require minimal amounts of information, but all forms request a signature indicating guardian acknowledgement.  The forms include:

  • Student Information Form
  • Parental Consent Form
  • Waiver of Liability
  • Medical Release Form
  • Minors in Laboratory Acknowledgement
  • On-campus Permission Form

To apply for the program, go to

For additional information, contact Anne Skutnik, Education and Diversity Coordinator, at:

Previously, Dr. Masood Parang, Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs, has visited the program during the first week to discuss potential advantages of enrolling in the College of Engineering at the University of Tennessee.  This meet-and-greet allows students to ask the dean of some of the university’s most influential programs questions.

Areas of supervision by the Associate Dean for Student Affairs include:

Field trips to local power and energy companies including Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), Tennessee Valley Association (TVA) Bull Run Power Generator, and several other potential energy companies.  Trips to TVA Wind Farm, TVA Norris Dam, TVA Chattanooga Pumping Station, ORNL Manufacturing Demonstration Facility are some of the additional tours being added.