Young Scholars Program

CURENT’s Young Scholars Program (YSP) invites local high school students who excel in STEM classes to participate in research alongside CURENT graduate students and professors. The YSP students complete their research during a 4 week summer program. Here are some examples of research projects CURENT YSP students have completed:

2019 YSP Projects

Bella Fishman –  Heart Rate Monitoring System Using Arduinos (with mentor Ava Hedayatipour )

Tyler Jones – Microcontroller Sensors in Automobile and Aerospace Technologies (with mentor Shahram Hesari)

David Lee – How Barriers and Demographic Factors Affect PV Adoption (with mentor Gerald Jones)

Yunjun Ling and Emma Patterson –  Solar Powered Power Bank(with mentor Paige Williford)

Gbemsola Oladosu and Dylan Johnson – Examining Hurricane Irma with Twitter Data and Machine Learning (with mentors Dr. Chien-fei Chen, Dr. Xioxing Xu, Julian Ball, and Zach McMichael)

Mason Strader and Vivian Wang – Physical and Mechanical Properties of 3D Printed Polymers (ABS, PLA, and CopperFill) (with mentors Rakesh R. Kamath, Mallory Stevenson, Hyojin Park, Dr. Chris Wetteland, Dr. Hahn Choo)

Emory Wineland – Patch Antenna Design (with mentor Farnaz Foroughian)

2018 YSP Projects

Alex Carter and Rhea Charles – Pyroelectric-Based Sleep Apnea Detection System for Premature Infants (with mentor Samira Shamsir)

Dylan  Johnson – Exploring the Factors of Energy Efficiency: How do energy practices, smart grid technology adoption, dwelling characteristics, and demographics affect energy efficiency? (with mentors Dr. Chien-fei Chen and Dr. Xiaojing Xu)

Emily Allen and Gabriel King – Mechanical Properties of Metallic PLA (with Dr. Hahn Choo’s group and Dr. Kin-ling Sham)

Hayle Kim and Madison Vandergriff – Following your Heart(beat) (with mentor Ava Hediyatipour)

Parker Bowling – Design PCB (Printed Circuit Board) for LED Running Light Circuit (with mentor Shahram H. Hesari)

Holland Johnson and Suhil Suresh – Day Ahead Dispatch for the Micro-grid using MATLAB (with mentor Dr. Huimin Zhuang)

Jessy Olatt – Building a Solar-powered USB power bank (with mentor Mark Nakmali)

2017 YSP Projects

Katherine Courtney and Aruha Khan – Heart-Rate Monitoring with Photoplethysmography (PPG) Sensors

Yukai Tomsovic and Colin Moore – Additive Manufacturing of Various Polymers: Microscopy, Chemistry, Thermal Analysis, and Mechanical Properties

Haley Fuller and Yicheng Wang – Power Electronics: Modular Multilevel Converter Prototype

Priscilla Cho – Demographic and Social-Psychological Variables Affecting the Intention to Use Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS)

Haley Cionfolo and Rachel Roberts – Detecting Apnea of Prematurity with Pyroelectric Sensors and Matlab Signal Processing

Richard Li and Ryan Loveday – Basic Principles of Power Consumption on Load Profiles

2016 YSP Projects

Blair Johnson and Sean Indelicato – 3D Animation of Power System Data

Candace Pang and Elizabeth Price – Social-Psychological Factors of Demand Response Programs & a 2×2 Experimental Design on Energy Use

Colby Butcher and Jack Baldwin – Analysis of Electric Vehicle Charging Station Along US I-40

Terryl Dodson and Madeline Phillips – Vulnerability Assessment of
Phasor Networks

Meredith Matteson – Analog to Digital Converter

Eric Wang – Source Coding in a Micro-controller Based System

Rebecca Laughon – Signal Detection and How to Build an Audio Amplifier

Sadhana Venkataraman and Yukai Tomsovic – Object Recognition and Feature Detection Using MATLAB

2015 YSP Participants

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2015 YSP Projects

Jasmine Park – Energy Use and Thermal Comfort in the Workplace

Jack Baldwin – Power Grid Generation Expansion Plan

Diane Kim – Monitoring Blood Glucose Concentration Levels for Diabetes Using LabView

Breanna Piercy and Noelani Fishman – Analysis of Naturalistic Electric Bike Rider Behavior: Energy and Power Considerations

Christine Garcia and Blair Johnson – Brazilian Blackout of 2009

Luke Buckner – Statistical Analysis of the Tensile Properties and Effect of Fill Density in Various Polymers Processed through 3D Printing

Emily Thompson and Vinila Baljepally – A Photoplethysmography Based Heart-rate Monitoring System

Allison Campbell – Monitoring Breathing Signals in Sleep Apnea Patients Using LabVIEW

Emily Threatt and Cameron Jeske – Exfoliation and Synthesis of 2D Materials

Christopher Moran and Shreyas Muralidharan – Detecting Cascade Failures in the Electrical Grid

 2014 YSP Projects

Morgan Briggs – LabView Computer Program Compatible with Wireless Implantable Glucose Monitoring Sensor

Alex Chan – A System to Test Single Photon Avalanche Diodes

Christina Cox and Madelyn Fahhoum – Using Electrostatic Force Cleaning to Purify PMMA Stained Graphene

Andrew Gonzalez and Sean Lee Sustainable – Transportation

Daniel Hong – Distributed Storage in the Transfer of Geospatial Data

Hyungdon Joo and Melissa Yuan – Stability Analysis on Wind-Penetrated WECC System with Composite Load Model

Shreyas Muralidharan – Improved Demand Response and Load Estimation through Finer Customer Segmentation and Neural Network Analysis

Aaron Sander and Ramzie Fathy – Detecting Sleep Apnea with the TIMSP430

Rachel Shah and Varsha Vuyyuru – Sensors in Smartphones:Tracking Your Location

Ronik Sheth and Raaghul Senthilkumar – The Evaluation and Development of an Efficient Cooling System for High Performance Computing Applications

Alex Skwarczynski – Error Detection in the Frequency Monitoring Network (FNET)

Alissa White – Sleep Apnea Monitoring Using Piezoelectric Sensor and LabView Programming


2013 YSP Projects

Emma Berry and Austin Grimes

Caleb Walker and Alex Chan

Christina Cox and Quentin Eustace

Emmanuel Gyebison and Andrew Chitwood

Erin Carter and Clara Park

Faiza Islam and Amber Tran

2012-2013 Spring Projects

Makayla Edwards

Emmanuel Gyebison

Graham Treasure

2012 YSP Projects

Demetrios Bovopoulos, Emmanuel Gyebison, and Jacob Armstrong – Analysis of Load and Calculated Available Wind Power using Data from the Bonneville Power Administration

Jacob Walker – Compressed Air Energy Storage

Stephanie Steren-Ruta and Syeda Faiza Islam – Cyber Intrusion Detection Algorithm Based on Bayes’ Theorem

Lawrence Wang – Optimization of PHEV/EV Battery Charging