Early Grades

Family Engineering Night

CURENT collaborates with local schools to offer a variety of hands-on engineering exhibits for k-8 students and their families. Each engineering night is different, as the teachers select activities, which could include solar cars, windmills, paper helicopters, homemade prosthetic hands, bridges, and robotics.


More information on Family Engineering Nights can be found at :  http://education.curent.utk.edu/precollege/outreach/family-engineering-night/

If you are interested in working with CURENT for Family Engineering Night at your school, please contact:

Girls Camp

Adventures in STEM is an all girls middle school day camp that is done in collaboration between CURENT and NIMBios. The camp spans five days and provides students with a variety of STEM related experiences. NIMBios focuses on mathematical and biological activities while CURENT focuses on engineering and energy science activities. This allows for a wide range of STEM topics to be introduced to the students.


A broader overview of the program and the information covered can be found at: http://education.curent.utk.edu/precollege/outreach/girls-camp/.