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Summer Middle School Camps

Looking for a fun, academic camp located in the Knoxville area?  Look no further.

For one week each summer, CURENT offers the Adventures in STEM Girls’ Camp.  With women enrollment in electrical engineering being single digit percentages, CURENT hopes to inspire female students in the 6th to 8th grade to consider engineering as a viable option.  We hope the days of young women saying “Engineering is a guy thing” or “Engineering is too hard”, or “I can’t do it” are revealed to be myths spread by those who were not interested in engineering.  Come meet our STEM teachers and female engineering students that teach the class and realize that they succeeded like the next generation of female engineers will.

The weeklong day camp runs from 9am to 3pm for an entire week.  During the week students will have a chance to learn about electricity, the electric grid, and engineering with the CURENT classroom projects.  But don’t worry if you are unsure about whether to concentrate on engineering since CURENT is partnering with Nimbios to provide half of the day as biology related activities.

We hope to provide a wide range of experiences.  With hands-on electricity projects, interactive biology activities, field trips to see 3-D printers and electricity demonstrations, interviewing scientists and engineers, and visiting university research groups should captivate the students’ interests.  It’s a fast paced week but with lots of fun events.

Limited number of positions are available.  Register on-line at http://curent.utk.edu/education/pre-college/adventures-in-stem-camp/ .

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