Family Engineering Night

Part of CURENT’s mission is to expose pre-college students to engineering and to offer them a chance to experience fun engineering-related activities at an early age. Our goal is to provide a connection for the student to the idea that engineering is an exciting field of study that opens up a new world of academic and career opportunities.

Family Engineering Nights fit in to that mission by collaborating with local schools and offering a variety of hands-on engineering exhibits for K-8 students and their families. The center visits schools and sets up activities that are selected by teachers and include solar cars, windmills, paper helicopters, homemade prosthetic hands, and bridges.


The Family Engineering Night events are usually held in a school gym, and activities are facilitated by school teachers and CURENT students and staff. These events are a great way to supplement STEM-related projects into a school curriculum. Family Engineering Nights encourage students and their families to work together to solve exciting engineering challenges, and then take the conversation about the various fields of engineering home with them.

The following schools have participated with CURENT for Family Engineering Night:

    • Amherst Elementary School
    • Blue Grass Elementary School
    • Christenberry Elementary School
    • Clinton Elementary School
    • Grand Oakes Elementary School
    • Green Magnet STEAM Academy
    • Lake City Elementary School
    • Sarah Moore Greene Elementary School
    • Sequoyah Elementary School
    • Shannondale Elementary School
    • Spring Hill Elementary School
    • Whittle Springs Middle School
    • Vine Middle Magnet School


Blast Off Tumbling Towers Learning from Failure
blastoff tumbling towers DSC_0017
Give Me a Hand Against the Wind Thrill Seekers
DSC_0028 againstthewind thirll seekers
 Bright Ideas  Let’s Communicate
brightideas let'scommunicate

Interactive Power Grid and Power Economics Activities (created and hosted by Trustworhy Cyber Infrastucture for the Power Grid at Univ. of Illinois Urabana-Champaign)

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