Blast Off

Blast Off
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Summary: In this activity the students are creating rockets out of simple materials like straws, paper, and tape.

Key Concepts: Design Application

Student Involvement: The students will create a rocket body by rolling paper or pinching off plastic straws.  Once an air tight body has been created, any wings or stabilizers can be added.  The rocket will be placed on a smaller straw that is attached to a small bottle.  This bottle can be squeezed so that the air will propel the rocket forward.  

Engineering Roles: Vehicle and Mechanical Engineering

Real World Connections: Building effective designs for new aircrafts or vehicles.

Materials: Paper, straws, tape and a rocket bottle launcher.

Setup: Give each student a piece of paper and a few straws. Also, show them pictures of actual rockets to give them an idea of the shape.

Suggestions: Mark with tape where each rocket landed to find the longest distance traveled.

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