Give Me a Hand

Give Me a Hand
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Summary: This activity gives the students a chance to act as a biomedical engineer and make a prosthetic hand.

Key Concepts: Designing a successful model and the complexity of the human body

Student Involvement: The students must make a mechanism with the index card, popsicle sticks, rubber bands, and paper clips that will be able to pick up several small items like the cotton balls and swabs. 

Engineering Roles: Biomedical engineering

Real World Connections: The goal is to raise awareness that something thought to be as simple as a hand is actually quite complicated and very well suited for our daily lives.

Materials: Students will be given a baggie with an index card, popsicle sticks, rubber bands, paper clips. A table will be set up with cotton balls and cotton swabs.

Setup: A table with room for students to pick up several small items like the cotton balls and swabs.

Suggestions: The rubber bands can be used to attach parts to the hands, or to keep tension on created parts like rolled paper so it won’t unfold.  It can also be used to keep objects grasping onto each other like clamp or used to pull things gently like a string. Wrapping a rubber band around two sticks that have an object inserted between them like a fulcrum can create a clip.The paper can be used to make a cone, hollow cylinder, a curved piece, or to fill in the gap between two of the sticks. The paper clips can be used to make a fulcrum or attach the paper to the sticks. The sticks can be attached to fingers with a rubber band or they could be used to make a structure.

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