Girls Camp

GirlsCamp_(DSC_1262)Adventures in STEM is an all girls middle school day camp.  The camp is a collaboration between CURENT and NIMBioS.  The 5 day camp camp provides student with a variety of STEM related experiences.  The partnership enables both groups’ specialization to be presented to the students so a full range of opportunities are available across several disciplines.  NIMBioS specializes in mathematical and biological activities while CURENT specializes in engineering and energy science activities.
The CURENT portion of the camp takes place over 12 hours of classroom time.  The project is to create an electric grid that operates on renewable energy.  The girls will develop a house and street lighting system  that has electricity transmitted from wind turbines and solar arrays that the students design.

The topics covered by the Adventures in STEM Camp include:

  • Electric Grid StructureGirlsCamp_(DSC_1281)
  • Power Generation
  • Electricity Overview
  • Taking Measurements
  • Circuit Construction
  • Circuit Review
  • Electromagnets
  • Wind & Solar Energy
  • Electric & Micro Grids
  • Interesting Facts
  • Presentation Details

The hands-on activities include:

  • Constructing a powered houseGirlsCamp_proj_(DSC_1331)
  • Making light poles along a street
  • Building transmission towers
  • Designing a solar array
  • Testing wind turbine blades