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Which Lightbulb is Better?

Students must determine “which is the better lightbulb?”. They will analyze the efficiency of different light bulbs by measuring wattage and heat emissions. Cost-efficiency will be introduced with setting up linear equations and analyzing their graphs.  Students will collect data (temperature, wattage) to determine energy and cost efficiency of different lightbulbs. They will create and graph linear equations to display, analyze and determine results.

Which Lightbulb is Better?

Introduction to Arduinos

Arduino Lesson 2 page addendum-1The students will see an animated video that gives an overview a of how the
U.S. electrical grid is organized and how power gets to customers. Next , they will make a human electrical circuit. Finally, students will be put into several small groups receiving printed instructions on how to create a traffic light using Arduino kits. Students will gain a basic understanding of how electricity is created and delivered to the consumer.

Kill-A-Watt Lesson

Activity Guide

Students will become more familiar and cognizant of the amount power they
are using. With use of a Kill-A-Watt device, they will calculate kWH and costs overt various periods of time. After determining energy costs of each appliance, they will find ways to save money on monthly bill by unplugging appliances or even considering investing in “smart appliances”.

Kill-a-Watts Lesson