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Applications for Sine Curve

Students will understand that there has to be exactly enough power on the grid for what is being used by consumers after watching the assigned videos and reading the assigned articles.  Students will use their knowledge of how to recognize and construct sine functions to determine how frequency, amplitude, and DC offset will change what a light bulb does.  They will conduct an experiment that will show the effects on two different light bulbs.  The class will use their discoveries to discuss how this experiment relates to the sine function and real-life situations. They should address how our world would be affected if we had a power outage.

Applications for Sine Curve

Future of the Power Grid

Students will consider the future of the power grid in light of the data they have been studying about consumption and production if nothing is done to improve the grid, upgrade the grid, and/or change human behaviors.  Students will present suggestions for quick solutions that we could do today and participate in a classroom discussion about Smart grids.

Lesson 7- the future of the grid

Power Generation to Energy Consumption

“Help students explore how electrical energy arrives at its final destination, as well as introduce alternative sources of energy. Each student will construct a model home from the pattern provided. The students will then assemble a simple LED and resistor light circuit that is installed into the model house. The model then snaps into the power grid base and picks up current from overhead wires. Students can take measurements using a multimeter. Students can then take their house off the grid and supply electrical energy with solar voltaic cells and even the optional wind turbine generator.” (Kelvin website) Students will be creating a small scale power grid in order to study the makeup, power generation, transmission to energy consumption.

RET Lesson Plan Grade 8 (2)