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Power Grid and Integrating Renewable Resources

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By this lesson students have learned about what the power grid is, renewable and nonrenewable resources used to generate electricity, and how solar panels work.  In this lesson students watch a news clip will read a report regarding the integration of solar power into the electric grid and write an informative essay on why a mix of resources is best for the U.S. Power Grid.

RET Lesson Plan Grade 7 (1)


Solar Simulation

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Students will take the working knowledge from the previous lesson and apply some of the skills by participating in solar simulations. The Energy City simulation will give students the opportunity to work with their own “cities” while adding the types of energy sources (nonrenewable/renewable) to create a sustainable city. The solar power simulator gives students the opportunity to turn off/on a solar panel controlled system, change the amount of sunlight that hits the panels, and control the load. The myDaq/myGrid system simulated the control panel of a power generation unit while have a miniature tangible system to manipulate.

RET Lesson Plan Grade 8 (6)

Solar Panel Project

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Students will be making a multimedia project to take before a mock “board of directors” as if they were pitching a solar power project to GMSD school district. Students will research background information and put together a portfolio (with powerpoint or prezi) with solar panel placement, diagrams, maps, cost analysis, cost­benefit, justification, and other needed information that will then be presented to a panel that will give feedback and recommendations based on their project proposals.

RET Lesson Plan Grade 8 (5)


Solar Cells and Electrical Output

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Students will be working making a solar cell. Solar cells are added together to make a solar panel. Each cell has an electrical output. Students will be working with multimeters to find the output of their solar cell. Each group will add their cells together to wire them up together and measure the total output. They will be looking at the arrangement of the example panels and the shape of the cells they put together, then students will have to diagram what they believe is the best configuration for a solar panel and justify their arrangement.

RET Lesson Plan Grade 8 (4)

Solar Energy

Beginning lesson, in which students will be exposed to the material as a whole and understand what their focus will be. They will be introduced to renewable resources, a main focus on solar energy. They will have an introduction to active background knowledge and overview the next several lessons. Students will have a reading/writing component with this lesson in which a non-­fiction text will be given.

RET Lesson Plan Grade 8 (3)

Power Generation to Energy Consumption

“Help students explore how electrical energy arrives at its final destination, as well as introduce alternative sources of energy. Each student will construct a model home from the pattern provided. The students will then assemble a simple LED and resistor light circuit that is installed into the model house. The model then snaps into the power grid base and picks up current from overhead wires. Students can take measurements using a multimeter. Students can then take their house off the grid and supply electrical energy with solar voltaic cells and even the optional wind turbine generator.” (Kelvin website) Students will be creating a small scale power grid in order to study the makeup, power generation, transmission to energy consumption.

RET Lesson Plan Grade 8 (2)

Renewable Energy

Students will be working with an article that contains maps of China and the United States in which a similar area of solar radiation is compared. Students will be using the graphs, charts, and maps to construct comparison maps of China and the United States, in order to draw some conclusion about where to put in solar energy projects and justify their placement based on the human and environmental impact of their plans.

RET Lesson Plan Grade 8 (1)

Climate Change Impacts and Renewable Solutions

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These lessons are focused on the importance of engineering, based on climate trends and the need to focus on energy. The first lesson introduces correlations, and the math concepts continue on to linear fit/trend lines. To make a relevant assessment, students will analyze trends in engineering. Their final activity is a hands-on application relating to solar energy. Students will collect data and determine correlation/whether or not there is a linear representation.

RET Lesson Plan Grade 8

Wind Turbine Shape Project

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In this activity, students will explore how various changes to the design of a wind turbine will change the efficiency.  Students will learn the basics of how electricity is generated by wind and how shape and texture can vary the amount of power produced.  The reading materials and guide will serve as an introduction to the lesson and the worksheet will guide the students to make generalizations about the process.

RET Lesson Plan Grade 9-12 (2)