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Wind Power Density

First, students will open Excel, import instructor’s output file, create a 2D graph. A student learning activity will be to format axes, legends, titles for this graph. This will not be done as part of lesson setup.

Second, students will write a program that uses one month of wind measurements (downloaded from a provided website), to calculate – Average speed vs. time of day, – Average speed vs. day of month – Wind Power Density for each of the above.

Lastly, students will use the calculated values in the design of a wind farm that is installed at a selected location. Students will choose turbines for the farm, and will add a column to the output file generated by this lab.





Wind Turbine Shape Project

Click to download.

In this activity, students will explore how various changes to the design of a wind turbine will change the efficiency.  Students will learn the basics of how electricity is generated by wind and how shape and texture can vary the amount of power produced.  The reading materials and guide will serve as an introduction to the lesson and the worksheet will guide the students to make generalizations about the process.

RET Lesson Plan Grade 9-12 (2)