The Center sponsors one summer program for teachers interested in developing curriculum related to electricity and  power. The experience can be used to improve both their own content knowledge and their classroom activities. We offer two summer sessions of our Research Experience for Teachers (RET). Each session lasts for two weeks. Seminars and training will  focus on electric power and energy systems for middle and high school teachers. Pre-college education staff work with pre-college partner school administrators to recruit science, programming, technology, mathematics, and other relevant teachers to attend.


The RET program aims to support teachers each summer.

Teachers will have the opportunity to work with CURENT’s faculty and graduate students in our world-class facilities. The program includes both a content-knowledge component and a curriculum development aspect so that teachers will have ideas to take back to the classroom.

Find details about the 2018 RET program here. 

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  • Participants of the RET program can apply and attend multiple summer programs.  Materials created by past participants (some over multiple summers) can be found on the RET Profiles, Posters, Slides, and Projects page.
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  • Coming Soon… Training materials and other resources will be provided to aid teachers in developing their power related activities outside of the CURENT program.