RET Program Materials


Research Poster Template (Green)

Final Presentation Template


Reference Reading Materials

Trends in Engineering:

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science:

RET Program Expectations:

“Energy Literacy”:

  • Essential principles and fundamental concepts for energy education: Energy_Literacy_High_ResEnergy Literacy. U.S. Department of Energy, July 2013.

“Powering Planet Earth”:

  • Discussion of issues regarding the scale of energy: Lewis, Nathan S. “Powering the Planet.” MRS Bull. MRS Bulletin 32.10 (2007): 808-20. Web.

Future Global Energy Prosperity: The Terawatt Challenge”:

  • Information and details about reversing the current energy trends: Smalley, Richard E. “Future Global Energy Prosperity: The Terawatt Challenge.” MRS Bull. MRS Bulletin 30.06 (2005): 412-17. Web.

“The Terawatt”:

  • A continuation of the discussion of hindrances and solutrions to efficient energy options: Field, Mike. “The Terawatt.” Johns Hopkins Engineering. 2009. Web.

RET Sample Lesson Plan:

  • The sample provided is from The template does a nice job of balancing document length and helpful information. This lesson plan is a multi-day lesson so this is longer than what it would be if it was only an activity: Sample_lesson_plans





Schematics and Wiring:




AC versus DC: