RET Projects by Year

RETs have the opportunity to develop lesson plans and utilize CURENT’s world-class resources. During the four week long program, teachers developed curriculum for the courses, presented a poster of their project ideas, and presented an end-of-term presentation of their accomplishments.  Specific research projects CURENT RETs have done can be viewed below:

2018 RET Projects

Chris Baldwin – Do I Have to Pay for My Power Bill? [poster]

Jennifer Hodge – Using the Engineering Design Process to Neutralize Acid Rain and Explore Engineering Careers. [poster]

Betsy Hondorf – Teaching Mutual Induction with Hands On Wireless Power Transmission. [poster]

Lucius Irvin – Big Ideas in Engineering 6th Grade Science. [poster]

Michael Knapp – “Baselines and Batteries” – An AP Environmental Science Introductory Lesson to Electricity and Batteries. [poster]

Nicole Leatherwood – Big Ideas in Engineering 6th Grace Science. [poster]

Jennifer Moylan – The Electricity/Magnetism Relationship in Useful Machines [poster]

Santiago Munoz – Charging a Smartphone and Battery-Powered Karts. [poster]

Nick Sirek – GEOMAGNETIC STORM WARNING!! Our Place in the Solar System Understanding Geomagnetic Storms. [poster]

Ruben Saroukhanian – Modern Electric-Power Grids: Components, Vulnerabilities, Threats, Cyber-security Incidents. [presentation]

Rachel Wood – Engineering with Geometry. [poster]

2016 RET Projects

Karen Cragwall – Introduction to Arduinos.

Karen- Cragwall- 3D Printing in Solar Energy Research. [lesson]

Brian Hardison – Kill-A-Watt Lesson. [lesson]

Brian Hardison – Solar Cars and Angles.  [lesson]

Brian Hardison – Incandescent Bulb vs. CFL. [lesson]

Monica McNichols – Unit Rate through Solar Cars. [lesson]

Monica McNichols – Solving Equations Using Ohm’s Law. [lesson]

Lauren Migun – Sagging Power Lines. [lesson]

Lauren Migun – Exploring Engineering. [lesson]

Lauren Migun – Reviewing Regression Models. [lesson]

Laura Roberts – Systems of Equations: Energy and Engineering Trends. [lesson]

Laura Roberts – Which Lightbulb is Better? [lesson]

Laura Roberts – Which Lightbulb is Better? Part 2 [lesson]

Christina Stansberry – Building Wind Turbine. [lesson]

Christina Stansberry – Power Grid with Squishy Circuits. [lesson]

Christina Stansberry – Cooking with Solar Oven. [lesson]

2015 RET Projects

Debbie Fraser – Chemistry Connections to the Power Grid. [lesson]

Jill Lawrence – Exploring Solar Energy. [lesson]

Jill Lawrence – Power Grid and Integrating Renewable Resources. [lesson]

Lauren Migun – Wind Turbine Shape Project. [lesson]

Lauren Migun – Solar Panel Angles Project. [lesson]

Jessica Minton – Solar Simulation. [lesson]

Jessica Minton – Solar Panel Project. [lesson]

Jessica Minton – Solar Cells and Electrical Output. [lesson]

Jessica Minton – Solar Energy. [lesson]

Jessica Minton – Power Generation to Energy Consumption. [lesson]

Jessica Minton – Renewable Energy. [lesson]

Laura Roberts – Climate Change Impacts Renewable Solutions. [lesson]

Eric Stansberry – Understanding the Grid through SCRATCH. [lesson]

Eric Stansberry – Introduction to STEM and Electricity. [lesson]

Eric Stansberry – Robots and Alternative Fuels. [lesson]

2014 RET Participants

Brian Hardison – Understanding the Power Grid. [lesson]

Brian Hardison – Magnetism and Electricity. [lesson]

Brian Hardison – Understanding Renewable Resources. [lesson 1] [lesson 2] [lesson 3]

Jill Lawrence – Future of the Power Grid. [lesson]

Jill Lawrence – Energy Analysis. [lesson]

Jill Lawrence – History of the Power Grid. [lesson]

Jill Lawrence – Wind Turbine Challenge. [lesson]

Jill Lawrence – Building a Model House. [lesson 1] [lesson 2]

Jessica Minton – Electric Magnets and Electric Fields. [lesson]

Nick Sirek – Mapping the Power Grid. [lesson]

Nick Sirek – Investigating Natural Disasters Using ArcGIS. [lesson]

Nick Wilsey – Power Grid Scavenger Hunt. [lesson]

2013 RET Projects

Karen Cheng – Integrating Research Methods into Advanced Placement Statistics Through Sustainable Energy Context. [lesson]

Jessica Minton – What is Energy? [lesson 1] [lesson 2] [lesson 3]

Jessica Minton – Energy Conversion. [lesson 1] [lesson 2]

Jessica Minton – Energy Conservation. [lesson]

Jessica Minton – Energy Resources. [lesson 1] [lesson 2]

John Tilson – Using Arduino in Physics Classroom. [lesson]

2012 RET Projects

Miller Callaway – Investigating Circuits with Multimeters. [lesson]

Miller Callaway – Series and Parallel Circuits. [lesson]

Miller Callaway – Electric Charge. [lesson]

Miller Callaway – Magnets. [lesson]

Carolynn Clemons – Wind Energy and Wind Turbine Construction. [lesson]

Carolynn Clemons – The Power House Project. [lesson]

Carolynn Clemons – Solar Energy and Solar Car Construction. [lesson]

Carolynn Clemons – Human Impact on the Environment and Renewable Energy Debate. [lesson]

Joe Foy – Power Lab. [lesson]

Joe Foy – Wind Power Density. [lesson 1] [lesson 2]

Matthew Milligan – Voltage and Amerage Measurement. [lesson]

Matthew Milligan – Effect of Load Variation on AC Generator. [lesson]

Matthew Milligan – Energy Storage in the Grid. [lesson]

Matthew Milligan – Effect of Transmission Line Voltages. [lesson]

Matthew Milligan – Effect of Load Change on Generation. [lesson]

Frank Wood – A Vehicle for a Tennessee High School Robotics Class. [lesson]